Santorini Wedding – A worldwide phenomenon for a reason


In the azure heart of the Aegean Sea and under the cobalt Mediterranean sky, Santorini feels like part of a fairy-tale, sculptured by the hands of a master creator with one single purpose of existence – to cast love spells to everyone that steps foot on its lands -  and a primary mission to make them fall deeply in love with life itself through the incredible simplicity and natural beauty that surrounds those who have decided to spend a few fractions of their life-long time at a place drenched with legends, myths, eroticism, and a unique sense of exoticism. Although we have merely scratched the tip of the most impressive iceberg, one can quickly comprehend the infatuation related to the Queen of the Cyclades and why a Santorini wedding offers second-to-none moments written in the book of life with gold ink for eternity.


What makes a Santorini wedding extraordinary

Imagine having hopped on a ferry, cruise ship or plane and having reached that sweet point of your travel when you see the small dot in the archipelago becoming larger, enabling you to get clearer images of the island and some distinguishing features that have made it a worldwide and beloved destination – the imposing Caldera (the very volcano has once nearly wiped the entire island off the face of earth), the magnificent volcanic landscape with the whitewashed, cubic-shaped houses adorning the edge of the crater, the blue-domed churches overlooking the majesty of the Mediterranean Sea, the chalky-white windmills, and the widest range of blue human eyes have ever seen! Spellbinding, to say the least.

What’s not to love about this place, anyway?

The iconic Santorini sunset views that draw thousands of people annually from the corners of the earth for a glimpse of the most spectacular light show Mother Nature puts on every evening for you? The romance exuded from every volcanic stone and every cobbled alley of this island?

The countless opportunities to create indelible memories with your partner and loved ones through a long list of activities and experiences, including Santorini fine dining, Santorini boat tour options, wine tasting, water sports, exclusive accommodation featuring an incredible abundance of private and luxury services, and mornings infused with the profound energy of the ascending sun?

Perhaps the variety of sightseeing and places to visit, including museums, galleries, wineries making internationally acclaimed wines, the ancient Akrotiri settlement that is believed to have been somehow related to the myth of the Lost Atlantis, the picturesque (and the largest in the world) Caldera, the volcanic sand beaches, and Cycladic architecture monasteries?

Or the fact that you can make your special day as exquisite as you desire, planning all aspects of it with uniqueness characterising it from end to end? From a private day for a select few to a glorious event including hundreds of friends and family members, you will get your wish granted here.

This is because the beautiful Cycladic destination can easily be the cosmopolitan hub with the awesome landscape, world-class facilities, and lively atmosphere you have heard of, or the scene of the most intimate and amorous movie where the two of you are the protagonists, soaking up the unique aura, sublime beauty, and irresistible allure of mysterious and hypnotising Santorini, while planning a dreamlike Santorini wedding.

One thing is certain. A Santorini wedding has no match as everything about it is a stand-out feature, including the bridal venues that are a far cry from the same old locations you have been to thus far.


The most picturesque wedding locations

Below are just some ideas of venues that could host your bridal ceremony, covering a wide range of options:

  • Saint Irene Chapel – Sitting around 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) from Fira, the charming chapel with the traditional Cycladic style and chalky-white walls offers breathtaking scenery and amazing volcano views, especially during sunset, as it is perched on the rim of the Caldera. Its terrace welcomes numerous bridal ceremonies annually in an intimate setting for a small number of guests.
  • Agios Markos Chapel – Another scenic place located in idyllic Imerovigli, very close to Kivotos Hotels, nestled at the highest point of the Caldera rock, enchanting with panoramic views of the island, while greeting you and your guests to a charming courtyard for ultimate private moments.
  • Profitis Ilias Church – Perfectly-suited to bride-grooms seeking the most romantic and intimate ceremony in the most secluded location, where you feel nothing but the gentle Mediterranean breeze and pamper your senses with the most diverse range of azure. The blue-domed church will win you with its beautiful yard and the mind-blowing vistas of the island and the Aegean Sea.
  • Santo Winery – Tucked close to quaint Megalochori and Pyrgos villages, it is a prime spot for bridal ceremonies with captivating volcano views and sights of the entire coastline, with capability to not only accommodate a large number of guests, but also incorporate a wine testing venture in Santorini in the days prior to or following your big day, to augment the overall experience. After all, the wines labelled Santo Wines are award-winning year after year!
  • Venetsanos Winery – Another fabulous location and family-run business perched on the cliffside of Megalochori village with expansive views, amazing sunsets and bewildering seascapes on the background from every corner. Here, the volcanic rocks blend harmoniously with the earthy colours, while the upper terrace is specifically created for bridal ceremonies and receptions with more than a hundred guests.
  • Arts Factory – Located close to popular and scenic Vlychada Beach, it is a significant landmark demonstrating traditional architecture, and a museum that organises educational and cultural events year-round. Also referred to as the Tomato Industrial Museum, it is now a prime wedding location offering a 1,000 m2 Sea Yard and a 1,500m2 Main Yard providing heart-stopping vistas of the island and the ocean.
  • Theros Wave Bar – Blending a lunar-like landscape featuring volcanic ash and tropical beach bar vibes, this is a secluded spot near Eros Beach and a popular bridal ceremony and reception choice for partying until the wee hours. This is a great option that can be infused with extras like BBQ buffet dinner and an elevated wooden pavilion with tables and chairs under and out of it to accommodate up to 200 guests.
  • El Viento Windmill – Renovated and charming, its terrace will host any intimate ceremony with a touch of vintage for up to 30 guests.


The Ultimate Santorini Wedding Experience

White staying at 5-star Kivotos Hotels’ extra- luxurious honeymoon suite or a private villa featuring amenities like a private heated pool, top-tier spa and wellness treatments, sunset views, and even options to make the room reflect your mood through the SONOS wireless sound system that allows you to listen to your favourite music throughout the entire space and the highly advanced lighting system that enables you to create personalised colour combinations, Kivotos is also the ideal choice for exclusive bridal ceremonies that include elegance, style, exceptional dining options (both local and international cuisine), and regal-like experiences.