What are the best places to enjoy the sunset in Mykonos?


Apart from its spirited and lively night scene and the endless parties where champagne is used to shower with, Mykonos remains an absolutely captivating Greek island with unsurpassed natural beauty. Being a genuine representative of Cycladic architecture, it also entices with its charming whitewashed houses with the unique sugar-cube shape, the blue-domed churches, and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Yet, amidst all this splendor, one could never miss out on the truly hypnotising sunset views in Mykonos. Nor should they, if they want to capture the full spectrum of the Mykonos appeal.


Of the many places around the Island of the Winds where the heart-stopping sight of the descending sun can be savoured, the most prominent ones are as follows. However, please do feel free to add to this list as you explore the Queen of the Cyclades.


The Mykonos Lighthouse

Once serving as a beacon for weary ships and voyagers, the 1891-built Mykonos Lighthouse that goes by the name Armenistis Lighthouse offers scenic sunset vistas in Mykonos. Standing proudly in silence, it narrates stories of its glorious past at Cape Armenistis, at Fanari area, not far from Mykonos Town (around 7km). The 10-metre-in-height attraction is rightfully an integral part of every Mykonos sightseeing tour, not only for its imposing presence but also for the spellbinding sunsets.

mykonos lighthouse sunset


The Mykonos Castles

Here, you have not only one but three options:

  1. The Chora Mykonos Castle

The most popular and most visited Mykonos castle is the one situated in Chora (Mykonos Town). The fact that it was constructed on a hill to help protect islanders from the frequent pirate invasions is the reason why you need to visit it if you wish to please your soul with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and Delos island.

Tip: Once there, the adjacent Panagia Paraportiani church is another famous Mykonos sightseeing spot also worth your time. Besides the Folklore Museum housed in its interior, featuring a huge collection of lithographs, ceramics, paintings, and more, the location offers fantastic vistas over the picturesque landscape – the Mediterranean palms, olive trees estates, wildflower patches, and, of course, the magnetic sunset in Mykonos.


  1. The Panigirakis Mykonos Castle

For superb vistas of the sunset in Mykonos and the glistering archipelago that’s dotted with the charming islands of Syros, Delos, and Tinos, Castro (meaning castle) Panigirakis is another exceptional vantage stop to include in your itinerary. Just a few minutes off the main road leading into the island’s capital, it’s a dazzling complex oozing a fairy-tale sensation. Although a portion of it is privately owned, there are plenty of walking paths and hiking trails for visitors to see the fort-like structure from up close and indulge in a romantic sunset in Mykonos.


  1. The Gyzi Mykonos Castle

You can find 13th-century Gyzi Castle on a hilltop location above the Ano Mera village, in the heart of the island. Adorning Mykonos since the rule of the nobble Venetian Gyzi family in the Medieval times, Gizi Castle will fill your soul with fab panoramas of the northern coast and spellbinding sunset views in Mykonos.



The Mykonos Windmills

Undeniably one of the most iconic features of Mykonos, the Mykonos Windmills at Kato Mili (within walking distance from Mykonos Town) offer a tremendous amount of entertainment options, enjoying a sunset n Mykonos included. Lined up on top of the tallest mountain in Mykonos, which makes them visible from all across the island, the Windmills is the most photographed Mykonos sightseeing landmark, with reason.

Do head to the Kato Mili region to cherish the beauty of the seven renovated and preserved 17th-century windmills (of the 16 in total – scattered across the island) and soak up a pristine Mykonos windmills sunset that paints the horizon with shades of golden, orange, and yellow.

Mykonos windmills sunset


Alternative/Additional Options

Another equally pleasing spot to get panoramas of the most magnificent sunset in Mykonos is the gorgeous coastline and the sugary shores that embellish it. Kapari beach, for instance, is a small earthy heaven surrounded by rocks just outside Mykonos Town. The same applies to Ornos beach and the private section owned by Kivotos Mykonos. Visiting these secluded paradisaical locations away from the crowds with the sandy beach and the crystalline waters is an ideal way to end an utterly gratifying day in Mykonos, right before you return to your luxury quarters and spoil yourself with the exclusiveness and world-class pampering awaiting.

Of course, you could even opt for an in-house sunset in Mykonos experience. In this case, all you need to do is simply sit at your private Kivotos Mykonos veranda and watch the Mediterranean sun disappear behind the horizon with a glass of the finest wine at hand.