Why Oia is the perfect place to enjoy Santorini’s sunset


The status of the Santorini sunset has, admittedly, mythological proportions, with reason. The adorable volcanic island in the Mediterranean Sea is, indeed, a scenic, picture-perfect destination year-round. However, its golden hours make it even more appealing, hypnotising, and enchanting. Nevertheless, of all the idyllic places that a Santorini sunset can be viewed and cherished upon, Oia village certainly stands out.

Oia, Santorini, welcomes thousands of tourists every single year, who rush to get a first-row spot to watch the legendary Santorini sunset from one of its vantage points. Can’t blame them, considering the …

  1. Prestigious Location of Oia, Santorini

Oia village sits comfortably on top of the infamous Santorini Caldera, which means that you can pamper yourself with captivating and unobstructed views of the volcanic caldera and the glistering archipelago. In addition, Oia, Santorini, stands on the northern edge of the caldera and around 230-330 feet (70-100 metres) above sea level. In other words, you also get a bird’s eye view of the absolutely gorgeous Cycladic architecture distinguished by the cobblestone alleys and the whitewashed houses and churches with the lovely blue doors and windows as they are washed in the last rays of the warm Mediterranean sun. Sheer magic!


  1. Blissful Marriage Between Nature and Contemporary

A stop at Oia village is a paramount component of every Santorini sightseeing tour, not only for the heart-stopping Oia sunset. Oia, Santorini, has managed to create a small community of friendly locals and buildings that come in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings. You see elements like rock and stone being incorporated in the houses and chapels in and around Oia, Santorini, turning this place into a fairy-tale-like destination where time seems to have stopped, keeping away the discomforts of the contemporary lifestyle.

So, you can see luxury villas and exclusive resorts with VIP services like private sunset dining following the lines of traditional Cycladic architecture, painting the perfect backdrop for fantastic Oia sunset pictures. Definitely one of the key ingredients for Oia village’s appeal and the island’s world dominance as a heavenly place on earth.


  1. Upbeat Atmosphere

Come to Oia, Santorini, in the evening hours, and you will find yourself amidst a lively festivity. Crowds of visitors and locals gather on the rooftops, scenic alleys, and the sea-facing maze-like streets and stairs, waiting to catch a stunning glimpse of the descending sun as it kisses the day goodbye with soft hues of orange, yellow, and pink. Around this time, every inch of this beautiful land oozes romance and a pulsing ambience that is hard to resist to.

The best thing to do? Simply close your eyes and let your body vibrate to the sensations of awe and excitement sent to you from all around. And,  yes,  it’s the moment when you will hear people clapping while facing the Santorini sunset...and you will know precisely why!


Best Oia Sunset Spots

Below is just a small, illustrative list of ideas to watch a scenic sunset in Oia, Santorini.

  1. Agios Nikolaos Castle

Definitely the top location to watch a Santorini sunset is the Castle of Agios Nikolaos, at Oia, Santorini. Often referred to as the Oia Castle, it now greets visitors to the ruins of the once impressive Byzantine castle that has not lost its glory and appeal to date. As soon as you reach this popular Santorini sightseeing option, expect to be mesmerised by the 15th-century Venetian-style castle dedicated to Saint Nikolas. Feel free to wander around the place for the ideal Santorini sunset spot so you can soak up the most spectacular view – a dreamy horizon, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, and the mind-blowing volcano.


  1. The Oia Windmill

Another superb Oia sunset-watching location is the Windmill. You will find plenty of bars and cafes surrounding this trending Santorini sightseeing site offering staggering Santorini sunset panoramas (and a lot of people rushing towards them for the same reason as you). Do come in early, though, to secure a good spot. Although the crowds are less than Agios Nikolaos castle, you can still expect many people struggling to capture the perfect Oia sunset shot at the Windmills.


  1. The Blue Dome Oia Churches

Needless to say, reaching one of the notorious blue-domed Santorini chapels will help perpetuate a memorable stay in the indisputable Queen of the Cyclades. The best experience, in this case, involves getting lost in the cobbled streets of Oia village and looking for the matchless Santorini sunset spot next to, out of, or near a milky church with azure roofs.


  1. The Oia beaches

If looking for ultimate romance and idyllic Santorini sunset views, do head to one of the nearby beaches or even Ammoudi port. Among the must-visit ones are Baxedes (aka Black Sand Beach), cliff-protected Koloumbos, desert-like Katharos, and quaint Armeni beach (boat access only). Besides the gorgeous Santorini sunset views, you will also have the opportunity to gaze at raw natural beauty not easily seen elsewhere.


Oia, Santorini is a spectacle on its own, not only for its stunning performance as the sun bows in front of you one last time before it disappears behind the horizon but also for the overwhelming sense of fulfilment it graciously gifts visitors with.