Honeymoon in Santorini: Best spots for a romantic sunset


Love at first sight! From the moment the sun begins to plunge itself into the sea, the most spectacular story begins…Because Santorini sunsets are extremely romantic experiences cherished for a lifetime.

Couples, honeymooners, and lovers of the good life from all around the world plan their honeymoons and weddings in Santorini. This gem of the Cyclades may be small in size, but it is great in beauty.

The island’s idyllic beaches, picturesque cliffsides of white-washed houses, and glorious vistas of volcanic magic all make Santorini an extremely popular honeymoon destination.

But one of Santorini’s most distinctive qualities is its effortless, stunning, and purely romantic sunset. Oia sunsets are famous and that is the reason the area is flooded with people while Imerovigli is a less crowded and more private choice (ideal if you are on a honeymoon) offering 180-degree sunset views- without the huge crowds.

Here are a few handpicked romantic spots from where you can admire Santorini sunsets.



Santorini sunsets are majestic anywhere on the island and you should aim to experience as many as you can because each one is spectacular in its uniqueness. Nonetheless, Oia sunsets are considered extraordinary.

From the cliffs of the caldera, you can feast your eyes on the astounding sunset view. Watch as the streaks of rosy gold, purple, and orange pierce through the horizon and caress the white rooftops and volcanic islets. And as the sea welcomes the sinking sun, you shall find yourself awed by the splendor of this effect.

A couple of popular viewing points in Oia are by the blue-domed churches and the Byzantine Castle Ruins. Aside from the crowds of people, the experience is thrilling.



Combine romance with a cruise trip! Sail away with your loved one on an afternoon cruise to admire the sunset in Santorini from the sea. Embark on a luxurious “boat date” around the island and discover the impressive Red and White Beaches as well as the hot springs.

Feel the breeze in your hair and the salty specs of seawater jumping onto your cheeks as you glide through the veil of Santorini’s sunset air together, on a cruise ship.

After a relaxing escape to the sea, it is time to hide away in your Santorini hotel with a sunset view to unwind and spoil yourselves with delicious food and drink. Then wake up late the next day for an even more romantic sundown experience from the sublime comfort and privacy of your honeymoon suite.


Skaros Rock

The proud Rock of Skaros is a defining feature of Santorini and most likely you have already come across several pictures of it. Resembling a rocky pyramid that has risen out of the deep blue sea, Skaros is an excellent sunset viewing point.

The best part is that if you are staying in Imerovigli you can easily walk to Skaros Rock as there is a trail connecting it to the village. Once you get there, you shall be enchanted by the endless horizon of white clouds on cerulean skies and ebony rocks on navy waters…

Such a scenic spot to get your daily dose of “Santorini sunset” or pop the big question to your significant other!


Akrotiri Lighthouse

Resembling a cinematic setting, the surroundings of the Akrotiri Lighthouse are one of the best places to take memorable photos as you watch the sun dive into the blue horizon.

Located 13 km from the airport (11 km from Fira), the Lighthouse is among the oldest and most beautiful ones in the Cyclades. It is also a wonderful place for a quiet romantic stroll along the stone walls, where you can pause for a romantic sunset moment made for two!

The sound of the waves and the softened sunlight beams create a tranquil atmosphere that exudes warmth and safety. Even the route to Akrotiri Lighthouse is pleasing to the eye- so definitely add it to your list.


Prophet Elias Monastery

Located in Pyrgos, a mere 5km from Fira (the capital of Santorini), Prophet Elias (“Profitis Ilias” in Greek) is a historic and magnificent monastery. The nearby village of “Pyrgos” is the highest settlement on the entire island.

The Monastery, at about 550m above sea level, is an exceptional sunset viewing point. From there you can admire the whole of Santorini: houses beautifully perched right up to the edge of the sea, the enticing volcanic landscape, and, of course, the endless blue horizon.

Combine these impressive panoramic views with sunset hues and a bottle of wine, and you have the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable romantic evening.

Every sunset viewpoint in Santorini has something special about it. The luxury is that on some days you can head out for a change of scenery while on others you can enjoy splendid sunset views straight from your bed or outdoor hot tub.

Some say that the best views in Santorini are straight from bed or from a private balcony over a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

Find the perfect luxury hotel in Santorini and plan the dreamiest honeymoon ever!