5 Reasons to Do a Santorini Cruise


As the picturesque, whitewashed villages of Santorini adorn the hills of the magnificent volcanic island of Santorini, only interrupted by the charming blue domes of the chapels that highlight the splendour of the Mediterranean sky and the Aegean Sea, you are instantly hypnotised and put under a spell you probably don’t want to get out from (and why should you, anyway!).

Feel free to get lost in the azure of the enchanting archipelago and wander through the infinite reddish cliffs, black volcanic shores, and idyllic views or even choose to become embedded with all this impressive grandeur. How? Opting for a Santorini cruise with a luxury yacht, catamaran, speed boat, charter or the Kivotos Hotels-owned schooner, Prince de Neufchâtel, will certainly allow you to dive into unforgettable experiences, one way or another.

With all the allures of a Greek island, combined with the magnetic scenery, sailing in Santorini is, no surprise, one of the most rewarding activities one could pamper yourself with. Here are five of the many reasons why.


Reason #1: You get another perspective of the majestic island 

A Santorini cruise is one of the best ways to see the bedazzling Queen of the Cyclades from the calmness and the irresistible appeal of the sparkling sea. All the local sights, including the imposing Caldera, the charming Thirassia island, and the spectacular shoreline, get a new hue and an exciting tone as you lay eyes on or visit them via a catamaran cruise in Santorini. And, right there, in this moment, as you stand still in total quietness and tranquillity, you become one with the world around you and appreciate both the greatness of what surrounds you, but also how integral a part of it we all are!


Reason #2: You can visit the volcanic sand beaches & attractions in one go

Beaches like the Red Beach, the White Beach, and the Black Beach are among the most populated ones on the island. A Santorini cruise allows you to enjoy them at your own pace and choose whether you want to sink your feet in the volcanic sand, take a refreshing dive in the open sea, or soak up some warm rays from afar - the comfy sunbed on the deck of your yacht, catamaran, charter, or boat.

That aside, sailing in Santorini’s most popular sites, such as the Hot Springs, becomes much more enjoyable, now that you are away from the masses and tourists. Depending on your preferences and choices, you may visit the tourist areas of the island when they are the least crowded.

That way, you can savour things like bathing in the geothermal springs with the health-promoting properties, hiking through the massive craters, and getting acquainted with the rich underwater cosmos and its unique volcanic landscape and beauty, in a single day if you so desire! This would have been an impossible or very tiring endeavour if you took a walking tour, for example.



Reason #3: You can make this adventure as private as you want 

Nothing can beat the gratification one gets from having a personalised, private boat tour in Santorini that caters to their specific needs and desires. Luckily, most sailing organisers offer customisable options, which often include drinks, BBQ meals, a buffet, vegan food, unlimited drinks, and dinner onboard the vessel, while you skim through the gentle waves of the Mediterranean.

A private boat tour in Santorini will also save you time in travel. At the same time, you have much more time to explore sightseeing and simply prolong an already delightful venture as you get to set details like the itinerary and the duration of the trip.


Reason #4: You augment the romance factor & expand your options

Can you think of anything more idyllic and romantic than watching the last rays of the sun painting the milky-white churches with the azure domes and the chalky houses adorning the rugged hills of the island with fiery reds, warm oranges, and bright yellows from amidst the Aegean Sea! In this regard, a Santorini sunset cruise will amplify the intensity of the heart-warming emotions that stir up with every mile you sail towards the heart of the archipelago.

And, who knows, you might be inspired by the profound fairy tale-like surroundings and make this escapade an occasion to propose! This is also perfect for honeymooners wanting to create indelible moments of pure euphoria, of course!

To make things even more thrilling, you could combine a sunset trip with views of the captivating Oia and Imerovigli areas and their natural, rugged beauties as your background with stop-offs to other Greek islands, such as vibrant Mykonos and charming Tinos.


Reason #5: You can claim your own share of utmost bliss with Prince de Neufchatel

At this point, let us note that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the available private Santorini sunset cruise options. However, all Kivotos Hotels guests have the exclusive privilege to use the hotel-owned 25-metre schooner and explore the island at sunset (and during the day, of course) or even set sails for weekly trips around other Cyclades islands.

The fully crewed and skippered luxury yacht features three elegant cabins with en-suite bathrooms and can host up to 40 people, ensuring the distinguishing top levels of luxury, elegance, style, exclusivity, services, and comfort of our villas and suites follow your romantic and other sea endeavours, no matter where your heart takes you.

Kivotos Yacht


How to Choose the Best Santorini Cruise

It all depends on the type of experience you want to pursue and the taste you wish your holidays to have. So, you can consider a more affordable option and join an organised boat ride or go aftera private boat tours in Santorini, which will have more perks and benefits besides being just you and your loved one(s) in this small, marvellous sea adventure. There are also sailing offerings that are ideal for families with children, couples, party-goers, water sports enthusiasts (e.g. deep sea diving or snorkelling), fishing fans, fun-seekers, and visitors that want to feel every different rhythm the Santorini heart beats with.

Your budget, as well as the itinerary, level of luxury, duration, and embarkation port are all considerations worth taking into account when choosing the best cruise in Santorini. Also, do you fancy the excitement of a speed boat, the elegance of a yacht, or the grandeur of a catamaran? Will you require meals and drinks onboard?

If you need any assistance with deciding which option to pick or whether you’d like to drift yourself in the fantastic aquatic world enveloping Santorini with Prince de Neufchatel, we are at your disposal 24/7 and always more than happy to help you create the Santorini holidays you have dreamt.